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Welcome To 'Antique Prints, Maps & Charts'

Browse our site and view the wide selection of 16th - 19th Century county maps (John Speed, Saxton Kip/Hole, Humphrey Llwyd), town plans (R.K.Dawson), sea charts and topographical engravings, lithographs and aquatints of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We also have an extensive range of sporting (golf, cricket, rugby, tennis), satirical prints (James Gillray, Thomas Rowlandson and Bunbury) and historical material (Napoleonic, Nelson, Waterloo).

Our on-line shop is currently showing an extensive range of aquatints by William Daniell and Paul Sandby, engravings by Samuel & Nathaniel Buck and caricatures by James Gillray.

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Buy with confidence you will not find any reproductions, facsimiles or modern copies amongst our maps and prints.
All our items are over 100 years old.

Antique Prints, Maps & Charts

We always carry a substantial stock of antique maps and antique prints.
In our antique map section, we have at the moment a good number of Welsh county maps and many antique English county maps by John Speed, Van den Keere, Tomas Kitchin, Saxton, William Kip and William Hole. We have antique maps of Wales by Humphrey Llwyd (Lluydo) including the Bertius and Cloppenburg issues.
You will also find some antiquarian maps of Scotland, Ireland, Greece, and Germany. Some of the rarest antique maps that we have are those by John Bill, antique playing card maps by Robert Morden, the curious little antique county maps by Perrot as well as the very popular English and Welsh county maps by Michael Drayton.
If you are looking for antique Town Plans we have a very good selection of English and Welsh Town Plans by Lieut. R.K. Dawson at good prices.
Antique sea charts are always popular and we have a good stock of sea charts of the Welsh coast by the father and son Lewis Morris and William Morris of Anglesey. Antiquarian sea charts by Capt. Greenville Collins and Murdoch Mackenzie are very collectable and we have many charts of the coast of Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland.
It is true that antique and antiquarian prints, engravings, lithographs, aquatints and etchings make up the bulk of our stock and we have a massive selection of antique Welsh topographical prints by most of the famous artists including aquatint engravings by William Daniell, copper engravings by Samuel and Nathaniel Buck.
We have old engravings after J.M.W. Turner, aquatint engraving after Paul Sandby as well as hundreds of steel engravings after H. Gastineau, T. Allom, Thomas H. Shepherd and others. Our increasing antique caricature section is also very popular with antique caricatures by James Gillray, Cruikshank, Thomas Rowlandson, Tim Bobbin and Henry Bunbury making up the bulk.
We probably have one of the largest numbers of antique Welsh Costume prints and our section of antiquarian sporting prints is increasing. We have antique engravings, prints, etchings, aquatints and woodcut engravings depicting cricket, golf, tennis, rugby, billiards, hunting, equestrian, rowing and cycling to name but a few. These make excellent gifts for those who have everything.
Another interesting section is the antique historical prints. We have antique aquatints, woodcut engravings, lithographs depicting Napoleon and Napoleonic War scenes, as well as antique prints and engravings of Nelson, Duke of Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo. The Crimean war is represented by a good selection of antiquarian steel engravings.
Old prints, maps, sea charts, caricatures and Town Plans, also referred to as antiquarian or vintage are a great source of information for those interested in history or researching family trees. They also make great gifts.